27th International Conference
of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

Practical Information




All Conference participants who hold passports or travelling documents for which a visa is required are assured that a visa may be obtained from the Swiss diplomatic and consular representation in their coun-try of residence. Practical Information


Airport welcome


There will be a welcome and information desk for Conference participants arriving at Cointrin airport and transport to hotels.




Customs papers (triptyque, international carnet, etc.) are not necessary for cars. However proof of third party liability insurance is required. The driver must have a national or international driver's licence as well as a car permit of the country of immatriculation of his car. In the event of a breakdown, dial 140 "Secours routier".


Foreign currency


There are no restrictions on the import, exchange and export of Swiss and foreign means of payment.




Hotel reservations were made based on the form returned. During the Conference an information ser-vice for delegates will be set up in the hall of the CICG. A single room (with shower or bath, breakfast) in a three-star hotel costs between 90.. and 150.. francs per day, a double room between 110.. and 197.. francs.


Public transport


Bus 5 goes from downtown (Place Bel-Air) to the rail-way station (Cornavin) and the CICG (Vermont stop). Bus 8 runs from Rive (left bank) via the railway station to the CICG. Bus 10 and the train go from Cointrin airport to the railway station During the Conference a special bus service will be provided between the main hotels and the CICG. The schedule will be adapted to the sessions. Further details will be given to on registration.




Private cars may not be parked in front of the main entrance of the CICG. Conference participants may use the pay underground public parking at rue de Varembé near the CICG.




When participants arrive in Geneva they are kindly requested to register in the hall of the CICG starting at Wednesday, 20 October 1999 at 9 a.m.


Admission to meetings


Every participant will receive a name tag when he/she registers at the CICG. Only persons wearing this tag will have access to the meeeting rooms.


Accompanying persons


When registering, participants are requested to indi-cate on their registration form if they are accom-panied by persons who are not part of a delegation. The information desk will be at their disposal at the CICG (information about town visits, shows, and other activities).




Every delegation will have a pigeon-hole . in the entran-ce hall of the CICG (registration desk) . where docu-ments and messages will be put during the conference.




During the lunch break the CICG restaurant will serve meals for participants (self-service or served). A list of restaurants in Geneva will be distributed to delegates.


Post and telecommunications


There is a post office at the CICG. The telecommuni-cations centre which is situated in the basement offers telex, telefax as well as numerous telephone booths.

The dial code for Geneva is 22. To call from abroad dial 41 22& For calls from other Swiss locations, dial 022& For local calls dial the person. s phone number without the dial code. Phones at the CICG have four-digit numbers for internal calls. To call from outside the CICG dial 791& plus the internal extension number. To reach a delegate, dial 791 94 41 or 42 and leave a message which will be put in his pigeon-hole. To call abroad, dial 00...


Main places of interest in Geneva


International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum.
- Geneva Old Town with St. Pierre Cathedral, City Hall and Bourg-de-Four Square
- Bastions Park with Reformation Memorial Wall and University
- Geneva Art and History Museum
- Lake Geneva with fountain, Rousseau Island and parks on both lakeshores
- Palais des Nations
The Conference information desk and the Geneva Tourist Office are at the disposal of participants for further information.




The main shopping areas are: rue du Mont-Blanc, rue du Rhône, . Rues Basses. (rue de la Confédération, rue du Marché, rue de la Croix-d. Or, rue de Rive).
Antiques shops are mainly to be found in the Old Town. Opening hours of shops are: Monday 13:30 to 18:30, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 to 18:30, Thurs-day 8:30 to 20:00, Saturday 8:30 to 17:00.


Travel agency


There will be a travel service for participants in the hall of the CICG (tickets and plane reservations, individual excursions, tourist information, etc.).




During November the temperature in Geneva varies between 12 and 3 degrees centigrade. It is advisable to bring a coat and umbrella.




An infirmary with a first aid post will be set up at the CICG . phone 791 95 22 . by the Swiss Red Cross and the Geneva Section of the Samaritains. It will also have a list of doctors, hospitals and chemists. shop.




A press and information desk will be at the disposal of the media (newspapers, television, radio) at the CICG starting on 1 November.


Opening ceremony and show


The various events organized for the opening of the Conference will take place on Sunday 31 October, as follows:
Opening ceremony at the CICG 4:30 p.m. Participants will be taken by bus to the Arena concert hall 6:00 p.m.
Reception offered by the Swiss Federal Council, the Council of State of the Republic and Canton of Geneva and the Administrative Council of the City of Geneva at the Arena 6:30 p.m.
Show at the Arena, entitled "The Power of Humanity" and featuring world-famous artists. This event, specially staged for the occasion, will be open to the public and broadcast live on TV 8:15 p.m.
Free tickets are limited to maximum 5 per delegation.

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