27th International Conference
of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

The opening show

Picture a unique performance in which water, earth, air and fire come together in a flamboyant, moving and lively creation. Imagine a stage on which the elements dance together before your very eyes, in the most unexpected shapes and forms.

water, earth, air and fire come together in a flamboyant, moving and lively creationHail and morning dew, soft breezes and hurricanes, volcanic explosions and northern lights will turn the stage into a miniature universe. Fantastic special effects, giant projections, walls of water and natural scenery will pay tribute to each element's vital and destructive forces.

The human hand is evident everywhere in our world. A hand which cultivates the land, makes tools and tames rivers. A hand which also spreads desolation and terror, wreaks havoc in ecosystems and destroys people and communities.

A hand stretching out to others, bringing hope, consolation and protection. A solid and supporting hand, symbolising the power of humanity. Well-known artists from all five continents will bring this immense fresco alive, putting their talents, songs, dances and performances together in a show full of emotions ranging from utter dispair to soaring hope. Manu Dibango, Vanessa Mae, Laura Pausini, Le Cirque du Soleil, Ethiopia Circus, Riverdance, Dick Bakker and Up with People will perform well-known pieces from their repertoire, or special compositions created for the occasion as an integral part of the scenario.

Join them in becoming symbols of the Power of Humanity, our strength and hope for the new millennium.

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Opening Show

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