27th International Conference
of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

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Metropolitan Orchestra of the Netherlands
directed by Dick Bakker with the participation of flutist Thijs Van Leer also from the Netherlands.
  Performing -- "Windmills of Your Mind"

Dick Bakker

Dick Bakker is a Dutch composer and arranger with an international reputation. His list of international awards is simpressive. He has composed "Ding-a-Dong", the song that won the 1975 Eurovision Song Contest and sold 6-million copies world-wide. Since 1982, Dick Bakker has extended his musical reach throughout Europe. In 1991, he was appointed Chief Conductor and Artistic Director of the Metropolitan Orchestra of the Netherlands.

Thijs Van Leer

Thijs started to play the flute at age 13. In the early seventies, he was the founder-member of "Focus", a Dutch rockband that reached Number 1 in the Billboard top 100 with a song titled "Hocus Pocus". It was the first time in history that a continental-European band succeeded as a mega-seller in the US: 5.5-milliion copies have been sold world-wide. Thijs is currently composing new material for the Focus 2000 project.

Riverdance -- Ireland
Performing -- "Firedance" -- "Heartland"

Since its inception in 1995, Riverdance has helped to raise thousands of pounds for charities around the world and in particular for those dedicated to helping children. Riverdance "The Show" is the most successful dance show touring the world today. The average age of performers in the show is just under 20 years old. Their combined talents propel Irish dancing and music into the present day giving it a relevance which captures the imagination of audiences across all ages and cultural divides.

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