27th International Conference
of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

Scene 4: Earth



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Cirque du Soleil -- Canada
  Performed by acrobats Valentin and Katja

"The Cirque du Soleil is dedicated to helping people in tangible, practical, ways, particularly youth-at-risk around the world. We strongly believe in supporting the less fortunate and are thus proud to be able to participate in the Opening of the 27th International Conference of Red Cross and Red Crescent, by presenting the contortion act of "Valentin and Katja", who are a vision of strength, flexibility, virility and femininity."

Manu di Bango -- Cameroon
Performing -- "Elongi"

Gifted musically and Manu di Bango's musical soul was shaped by great artists like Armstrong, Ellington, Parker and Young.

When the famous Kabasele proposed that he joined "L'African Jazz" to play Congolese music, Manu di Bango jumped at the challenge. This was to be a crucial step. Since 1972, with Soul Makossa, the first French song that took the United States by storm, Manu has built musical bridges between continents and traditions. In the modern world he committs himself to humanitarian causes!

Jimmy Cliff -- Jamaica
Performing -- "Humanity"

The story of reggae can be divided into two periods: before and after Jimmy Cliff. With him, reggae became a hymn for oppressed people the world over.

Several of his successes have been interpreted by the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Cher and Percy Sledge. In the sixties and seventies, he wrote and recorded songs like "Many Rivers to Cross" and "You Can Get It If You Really Want". These hits brought him a world-wide reputation.

His latest album "Higher and Higher" illustrates the virtuosity and strength of this his legendary talent.

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