27th International Conference
of the Red Cross and Red Crescent


The show is built around the four elements; water, air, earth and fire, and the harmony between them.

In five acts, the elements will each be revealed in a spectacular way, one followed by the next, until the final act that combines them all.

The show, appropriately, focuses on the human gesture. People's attempts to overcome the elements in a struggle to maintain some kind of power over nature. Gestures that try to reach across borders and human limits. The natural gesture to reach out and help those who are homeless, hungry, thirsty and hopeless.

The show does not aime to teach a lesson or give answers. It does not aim to preach morals or ethical standards, but rather to draw our attention to all that we possess and what we neglect either through ignorance or indifference.

During the finale, the technical effects and the artists will come together to create an image suggesting a possible harmony between the elements, a vision of peace and hope, drawn from nature and from ourselves: The Power of Humanity.

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