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People and places with no name

Photo essay by Michel Comte

(Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1994).

Michel Comte is famous for his fashion photography and portraits of Hollywood stars. There is another face which compels him to work far beyond the confines of his studio. For the past ten years, Comte has been collaborating with the ICRC to help war victims. Following his first trip to Afghanistan, he convinced several celebrities to participate in an auction in which his photos and the jewellery of the Italian company Pomelato were sold. The funds raised were used to build a hospital in Kabul.

To date, he has travelled to Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kenya for the ICRC. The latest stage of this ongoing cooperation is a fund-raising and awareness campaign based on Comte's work in conflict zones, recently gathered in a book, People and places with no name. Revenue generated will be used by the ICRC for victims of conflicts not in the media spotlight.

"There is no glory in war, only glory in the faces of those who endure amidst the chaos," says Michel Comte.

Photos from People and places with no name, Steidl Verlag, Göttingen, 2000.



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