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Concerned Photographers

The pioneers

The goals of the "Concerned Photographers" were very ambitious.
Not only did they set out to mirror life's passing parade and to lobby, through their pictures, for new laws to relieve poverty and oppression, but they commited their lives to influencing people's basic attitudes by raising moral and social awareness.
They hoped their photographs might end the desire to oppress and exploit, that they might instil tolerance, respect and dignity among men.
They were seeking to understand man, yet at the same time they recorded man's inability to be human.

Thomas Pizer is a multimedia designer working with "Flying Pixel" in Geneva.

"It's not easy always to stand aside and be unable to do anything except record the suffering around one... The last day some of the best ones die. But those still alive will soon forget."

Robert Capa, Paris, France, 1944

"A stone became a world, a child was all children, a war was all wars."

Ernst Haas, Vienna, Austria, 1947


"These two children are my children. During World War II, I was severely wounded, and after two and a half years in hospital, when I tried for the first time to make a photograph again, I could barely load the camera. Yet I was determined that this first photograph would contrast with war photography, that it would speak an affirmation of life."

W. Eugene Smith, USA, 1946

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