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Families under fire

Angola, March 1995
"Father awaits treatment for his son in an ICRC dispensary in Huambo."

Montenegro, April 1999
"On the border with Kosovo, this woman coming from Prizren had already walked many kilometres in the snow."

Burundi, May 1998
"Hunted in Rwanda, the Hutus had to hide out in the chilly forests of northern Burundi. Having reached the end of their tether, they knew their only chance for survival was to seek refuge in camps run by NGOs."

Angola, 1995
"Having stepped on an anti-personnel mine, this woman had been taken in hand by the ICRC's orthopaedic centre in Kuito. It was a peaceful day, a ceasefire day. Angola is one of the three most mine-infested countries in the world."

Northern Ireland, March 1988
"During a memorial service in the Milton Catholic cemetery in Belfast, a Protestant suddenly appeared and threw three grenades, then fired a pistol into the crowd. The mother threw herself down with her daughters to protect them."

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