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Kosovo Missing: The Right to Know

Written and directed by Caroline Douilliez, ICRC Pristina, 2001, 15 min.

Thousands of people from all ethnic backgrounds went missing during the conflict in Kosovo. Two years later, their families are still waiting to find out what happened to them. Where are they? Are they dead or alive? Torn between hope and despair, these families live in a state of permanent anguish.
The ICRC has an international mandate to trace all those reported missing in connection with a conflict. It registers the requests submitted by their families and does everything possible to shed light on their fate, in particular by approaching the authorities. Missing: The Right to Know relates the terrible suffering endured by families who have lost all trace of a loved one and describes the ICRC's efforts to respond to a tragic problem common to so many conflicts throughout the world.

Available in English, French, Albanian and Serbo-Croat. Sfr.20.-

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