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The birth of Bangladesh


Pakistan, Lyalpur camp, 12 April 1972, visit to Indian prisoners of war (POWs).
"Sikh pilots, now POWs, passed their time flying kites. Camp authorities forbade this activity. An "homme de confiance", also a POW, explains the visit of Red Cross delegates, emphasizing that he hopes the ICRC can negotiate on their behalf the return of the kites."

Medical consultation performed by a League representative
in a dispensary in Hatia, 1972.

"This photo is a technical feat, as the photo-cell in my old Nikormat often broke down, causing many photos to be overexposed."

Introduction to the Geneva Conventions, Hatia island, 1972.
"The Japanese Red Cross medical team had brought dissemination material in their luggage. They all called their boss - the one leaning on the table centre right - 'the Prince'."
(Ed: The person concerned was Prince Tadateru Konoe, current vice-president of the Japanese Red Cross and member of the Standing Commission.)

Dacca, Mohammedpour, girl's school camp, 1972.
"Bihari refugee explains to Red Cross delegates the continuing misery of
her family, her grand-children."

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