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ICRC materials are available from the International Committee of the Red Cross, 19 avenue de la Paix, CH-1202 Geneva, Switzerland.

International Federation materials are available from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, P.O. Box 372, CH-1211 Geneva 19, Switzerland. for the ICRC for the Federation


War and Accountability

The third in the ICRC's FORUM series of publications, offers a wide-ranging look at the issue of accountability and its relevance for those involved in bringing humanitarian assistance to people in need, in times of war or violence. Accountability is interpreted, in its broadest sense, as the obligation or willingness of individuals, humanitarian organizations, states or corporations to accept ethical, moral, mandated or institutionally derived responsibilities. This publication, with contributions from decision-makers, journalists and academics from humanitarian and political worlds, is part of a comprehensive process of reflecting on the future of humanitarian work.

Available from the ICRC in English, Sfr.20.

War: Children admitted

Research and Information Group for Peace and Security (GRIP), ECHO, Belgium Red Cross, Amnesty International, UNICEF
While the phenomenon of child soldiers is tragically nothing new, this book mobilizes humanitarian and human rights organizations to speak against the growing use of them. The first section examines the historical and present use of child soldiers, and looks at various initiatives to help integrate them back into society. The second section highlights different preventive measures that should be adopted to better protect children affected by armed conflict.

Coédition GRIP-Editions Complexe, 2001.
Available from the Belgium Red Cross in French.


War and displacement

Esta carpeta de información contiene hojas que resumen la posición del CICR sobre este asunto, el enfoque que ha adoptado, información sobre las actividades del CICR con los desplazados internos y un panorama general de la protección que les confiere el Derecho Internacional Humanitario.
Se publicará en español y francés.


International migration survey

The Federation prepared a survey mapping out the general international migration situation in Europe, and compiled information on Red Cross and Red Crescent work related to migration issues. This survey was done as a consequence of the Federation's mandate, by the Council of Delegates, to prepare background papers presenting the complex situation of migrants in Europe. These papers were drafted for the European Regional Conference which took place in April.

Federation, Geneva, 2002.
Available in English, French and Spanish.

Children and War

An information kit on Children and War was issued in March 2002. Intended both for ICRC delegates in the field and the general public, it is being distributed at international conferences and local meetings to people concerned with the fate of children affected by armed conflict. Both a working tool and an information resource, the kit provides details of the ICRC's main activities in the field and of existing legal protective measures. The information kit comprises articles and fact sheets, which are updated annually.

Available from the ICRC in English, French and Spanish.

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