An unprecedented emergency
Trends of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and Movement action

Facts and figures of the HIV/AIDS pandemic

The burden of stigma
The devastating effects of HIV/AIDS-related stigma

Awaiting the verdict
Prison assistance programme in Rwanda

War in Iraq

Cover artwork
Frederick Deharo
Diego Fontan
Leo Spafford
The Red Ribbon, universal symbol of HIV/AIDS awareness, wraps around
the body to symbolize restoration of
dignity, social inclusion and hope.

Cover photo
Christopher Black / Federation

"Let's kill the flies!
It will prevent contagion and diseases!"

Chilean Red Cross, 1956.
Photo J. Berthet.

Collection of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum, Geneva, Switzerland.

Mongolia's hard times

The Missing
Tracing victims of armed conflict

In action on "Civvy Street"
Armed forces and the law

Going home to hardship
Returning refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Brief


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