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The broken homes and hearts after Algeria's earthquake


Oum Soufian had not managed to contact her son who was living in England since the earthquake. With the help of International Federation delegate Rana Sidani, she managed to get a call through to give him news.

Those whose homes where destroyed or rendered uninhabitable by the earthquake took shelter in tented camps located across the affected area.

Construction of a water distribution system, installed by the French Red Cross water and sanitation emergency response unit, helped to provide clean water to victims of the quake.

Busloads of children from the affected areas are taken to what was once a small holiday camp located near the sea. For the afternoon, Red Crescent volunteers, along with those from Algeria's civil protection unit and the ministry of solidarity, played games and entertained the children.

Psychological support is given by ARCS volunteer Khalif Selma, who is herself a survivor of the quake. In the health centre, she is a busy woman working non-stop.

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