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ICRC materials are available from the International Committee of the Red Cross, 19 avenue de la Paix, CH-1202 Geneva, Switzerland.

International Federation materials are available from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, P.O. Box 372, CH-1211 Geneva 19, Switzerland. for the ICRC for the Federation


How to conduct a food security assessment
International Federation, 2006

This guide is intended for National Society staff and volunteers in Africa who want to undertake food security assessments, but have no background knowledge of food security or assessments. It is a practical tool to carry out an initial food security assessment, detailing the different stages of assessment and providing techniques and examples of how to perform a food security assessment. The guide can be used in both rural and urban settings.

Available in English and French

Global Water and Sanitation Initiative
International Federation, 2006

The purpose of this booklet and CD-ROM is to give an overview of the International Federation’s ten-year commitment to its Global Water and Sanitation Initiative (GWSI) aimed at National Red Cross Red Crescent Societies and other existing or potential partners and stakeholders.

Available in English

Guidelines for emergency assessment
International Federation, 2006

Assessment is a vital element of the programme-planning process and provides the information on which decisions will be made. Whilst good information does not guarantee a good programme, poor information almost certainly guarantees a bad one. These guidelines provide advice on the organization of detailed emergency assessments.

Available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish

Staying alive: safety and security guidelines for humanitarian volunteers in conflict areas
ICRC, 2005, David Lloyd Roberts

With its expert practical advice on security in situations of armed conflict, this updated set of guidelines will prove invaluable to humanitarian personnel working at the operational level. Following on from the success of the first edition, published in 1999, it addresses new and developing threats such as chemical, biological and nuclear hazards, and includes new chapters on, among others, first aid, staying healthy on mission and how international humanitarian law protects humanitarian workers.

Available in English

Discover the ICRC
ICRC, 2006

The ICRC in a nutshell. This is a detailed introduction to the ICRC’s work and explains in everyday language what the ICRC is, how it came into being and what it does. The ICRC was founded nearly a century and a half ago to preserve a measure of humanity in the midst of war. Discover the ICRC explains this history, the values of the ICRC and gives a broad overview of the organization’s major activities throughout the world in the fields of protection, assistance and prevention.

Available in English and French


Catalogue: A selection of the ICRC’s publications and films
ICRC, 2006

Want to learn more about the ICRC and the work of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement? Interested in international humanitarian law? This new catalogue from the ICRC highlights a range of key products, from books, brochures and posters, to DVD-ROMs and films.

Available in English


Henry Dunant, Red on the Cross

“Henry Dunant, Red on the Cross” relates the quest undertaken by Henry Dunant in Solferino in 1859 — a quest that led to the founding of the Red Cross and the adoption of the first Geneva Convention in 1864. Adapted for the screen, it is a fictional account, inspired by actual events, depicted in the same spirit and exaltation that inspired Henry Dunant’s tireless passion.

In addition to “Henry Dunant, Red on the Cross” and a film about its making, the DVD contains bonus features including a 15-minute documentary entitled “In the Heart of the Action” which illustrates the activities carried out by the ICRC and its partners within the Movement over the past three years.

DVD available in French, German and Italian, subtitles in Dutch, English, Spanish and Swedish. Scheduled for release in May.
Approximately Sfr. 30 plus shipping

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