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Health and Care Highlights 2005
International Federation, 2006

This report outlines the major developments and activities in the areas of health and care in the International Federation last year. Among the highlights were opportunities for National Societies to share knowledge so they could scale up programmes and improve their response in areas as diverse as HIV/AIDS, water and sanitation, tuberculosis, blood, health in disasters, vaccination, communicable diseases and first aid. The report also contains a month-by-month breakdown of major health events.

Available in English.


Keeping Children Safe:
A Toolkit for Child Protection
Keeping Children Safe Coalition, 2006

Agencies working for and with children have a responsibility to make their operations safe for children. Working for such organizations gives adults who seek to harm children the power, status and opportunity to abuse them. Organizations must address these protection challenges effectively. A group of humanitarian agencies and charities has developed this resource which includes a book on basic standards, guidance, exercises and materials, a training DVD and a CD-ROM with training material. The toolkit is designed for all agencies working with children.

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First aid in armed conflicts and other situations of violence
ICRC, 2006

A practical manual presenting the specific knowledge, skills and practices that first-aiders should have to act safely and effectively when caring for people caught up in armed conflicts and other situations of violence, such as internal disturbances and tensions. Built on the field experiences of the ICRC and others, it demonstrates how prompt administration of lifesaving and stabilizing measures can prevent death, complications and disability, and result in better and easier surgery.

The manual is accompanied by a CD-ROM which can be used as a resource for information on the Movement and its work in this area including key publications and documents. It also includes useful pocket-sized cards presenting essentials on important first-aid topics.

Includes CD-ROM and ten practical sheets
Available in English – French and Spanish to follow.
Sfr. 30./ ref. 0870

Responding to HIV/AIDS in Asia Pacific 2006-2010
International Federation, 2006

Asia’s HIV/AIDS epidemic continues to grow rapidly, as the risk factors that contribute to vulnerability remain high. The key issues outlined in this five-year action plan are access to treatment, overall scaling-up, working with communities and growing community capacity. The plan builds on National Societies’ partnerships with people and groups who are the most vulnerable, including injecting drug users, migrants and sex workers.

Available in English.
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Management of dead bodies after disasters: a field manual for first responders

Dignified and proper management of the dead in disasters is fundamental to help families know the fate of their relatives and mourn their dead. This manual is intended for use by those first on the scene following a disaster when no specialists are at hand. It provides basic guidance to manage the recovery, basic identification, storage and disposal of dead bodies following disasters, to ensure that no information is lost and that the dead are treated with respect.

Available in English. Sfr. 20./ ref. 0880


Darfur: living in the shadow of conflict
ICRC, 2005

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives or been forced from their homes during the recent conflict in Darfur. Despite the 2005 peace agreement, clashes continue, terrorizing local people. By maintaining contact with all sides, the ICRC is able to treat the wounded, and run mother and baby clinics and livestock vaccination campaigns, safeguarding the basic means of survival for the nomads of Darfur.

Available in Arabic, English and French. Sfr. 20./ ref. V-F-CR-F-00893-V. Running time: 8 minutes / VHS and DVD

Saving lives in Kashmir
ICRC, 2005

When the earthquake of October 2005 struck the mountainous regions of Kashmir, it caused thousands of deaths and left millions homeless. The ICRC found itself in a race against time to help the sufferers. Eight-year-old Sony is one of the evacuees — his hand is saved by an operation in Muzaffarabad Field Hospital.

Sfr.20./ ref. V-F-CR-F-00890-V
Running time: 8 minutes / VHS and DVD.
Available in English and French.

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