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"We need
a new Haiti

After the earthquake, the Movement prepares for hurricane season with an eye on shelter and a dream for a new Haiti.

National Society profile
Haiti's heroes
Grieving and dealing with tremendous loss, volunteers of the Haitian National Red Cross Society responded with courage and professionalism.

Restoring family links
"I'm alive"
Red Cross and Red Crescent workers have long strived to reunite families separated by conflict. More and more, the Movement is making the same links in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Hope amid Haiti’s ruins Even veterans of conflict and natural disaster were stunned by the scale of Haiti’s earthquake. These photos tell the story of Haiti’s suffering and the largest single-country Red Cross Red Crescent mobilization in Movement history.

Prescription: compassion
TB doesn’t have to be a death sentence for former detainees in Azerbijian and Georgia.

Readership survey
Fresh perspective, less hype Magazine survey: readers want more about volunteers, fewer VIPs; more outside views and self-critique, less self-promotion.

Urban violence
War by any other name As more of the world’s population is centred in large urban areas, cities are creating a new battlefield in which relief workers respond to chronic endemic violence.

Urban violence
Goals for peace
Violence prevention is complex and difficult work. Occasionally, however, it’s a matter of fun and games. National Societies get at the root causes of violence by engaging youth in sports, the arts, activism and conflict resolution.

Born to volunteer
Newly elected IFRC President Tadateru Konoé speaks of what influences him and how to better unify the Movement.

In Brief
A summary of Red Cross and Red Crescent activities around the world.

Strategy 2020; guidelines for tweeters and other social media junkies; the lost children of Goma; G20 priorities; and an Afghan war hospital.

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