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The value of volunteers
IFRC, 2011

We all know that volunteers make an enormous contribution towards improving health and reducing poverty and suffering. But what is the true economic value of that contribution? As part of its advocacy efforts surrounding the tenth anniversary of the Year of Volunteers, the IFRC has produced a report that answers that question. Roughly 13.1 million Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers provide some US$ 6 billion worth of services per year, according to the study. Based on input from 104 National Societies, the report also provides insights into the social value that volunteers deliver to their communities and to development worldwide.

Available in English, French and Spanish

ICRC Institutional Strategy 2011–2014
ICRC, 2010

The ICRC strategy 2011–2014: achieving significant results for people in need will guide the ICRC’s work over the next four years. It identifies broad strategic orientations related to reinforcing the ICRC’s scope of action; strengthening its contextualized, multidisciplinary response; shaping the debate on legal and policy issues related to its mission; and optimizing its performance.

Available in English and French

Haiti earthquake One-year progress report
IFRC, 2011

Ten months of intensive activity has provided sufficient experience with which to reflect on what has been a monumental operation for the humanitarian community. The progress made allows the IFRC to weigh what has been accomplished and to gauge what still needs to be done. The document assesses the achievements made in sanitation, shelter, health and hygiene, livelihoods and other key issues. It also provides basic information on expenditures.

Available in English and French

Out of harm’s way Injecting drug users
and harm reduction
IFRC, 2010

This IFRC advocacy report depicts the stark reality of being an injecting drug user living with HIV. It examines the prevention, treatment, care and support needs of this at-risk population and what the IFRC does in response to the problem. It also offers an advocacy tool to remind governments and National Societies of the obligation to respect the human rights of injecting drug users at risk of, or living with, HIV.

Available in English and French

ICRC offers new RFL materials

The Movement’s Restoring Family Links (RFL) activities are highlighted in a new poster available in six languages. But if Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian or Spanish isn’t understood by the people you need to reach, an electronic version of the poster can be custom ordered in other languages, with different logos or photos. Orders can be placed via Please mention the reference number 4038 and specify the language, as well as preference for electronic or print. In addition, a new version of the RFL newsletter and a French-language version of the RFL Manual is also available on the ICRC web site.

How Does Law Protect in War?
ICRC, 2011

The ICRC has expanded and updated its core reference book on contemporary practice in International Humanitarian Law (IHL). This three-part work demonstrates the ongoing relevance of IHL in contemporary practice and its ability to provide answers to humanitarian problems in armed conflicts. It is designed to support practice-related teaching of IHL in universities worldwide.

Available in English (third edition) and French (first edition; new revised edition to appear in 2011)


North-west Pakistan: flood-affected
farmers rush to plant before winter
ICRC, 2010

As winter approaches in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and the Federally Administrated Tribal Areas, farmers are in a race against time to plough fields and sow seed. The mighty Swat River swept away entire swathes of agricultural land. Those farmers lucky enough to have lost only their crops and who still have a plot of land to work, fear that the soil has been irreparably damaged. The ICRC and the Pakistan Red Crescent Society support 30,000 families all over the region, providing seed, fertilizer and agricultural implements.

Running time: 2:30 min. English

China: summer camp for a common cause
ICRC, 2010

In an atypical summer camp experience, students from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau explored what life is like for those affected by armed conflict. In August 2010, the Red Cross Society of China organized a week-long Red Cross Youth Summer Camp in Nanjing for high school and college students. The camp programme included an interactive Exploring Humanitarian Law day, the first of its kind in China.

Running time: 5:30 min. Available in Chinese
and English


Giovanni’s story: Haitian deaf
community builds shelter
IFRC, 2010

As one Haitian Red Cross Society volunteer observes in this short, joyful video, deaf and mute people work well together because they don’t waste any time talking. After all, if they want to talk, they’d have to stop working and use sign language. It’s just one of the small touches of inspiration that adorn this story of a project in Port-au-Prince, where the Red Cross is building transitional shelters for 350 vulnerable families. One of the construction teams is made up of members of Port-au-Prince’s deaf community, which will be among the first to move into the new village.

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