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Climate change and the Red Cross in the Pacific
IFRC, 2011

Climate change is not a future threat: it has an impact on the nature of disasters here and now. The main focus of the Red Cross, according to this report, is on climate-change adaptation, which involves a combination of awareness-raising, knowledge-sharing, advocacy and local disaster risk reduction and/or preventive health activities.

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Annual Report 2010

The ICRC’s 2010 Annual Report is an account of field activities conducted in 80 delegations worldwide. The activities are part of the organization’s mandate to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and to promote respect for IHL. This Annual Report describes the harm that armed confl icts infl ict on populations around the world and what the organization is doing to protect and assist them.

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The Movement Policy on Internal Displacement
ICRC, 2011

This brochure proposes ten principles for addressing forced displacement. The policy guidelines refer to the importance of national law and international human rights, while emphasizing that international humanitarian law (IHL) is the strongest international legal framework applicable in times of armed conflict, both for preventing displacement and for meeting the most pressing assistance and protection needs of the civilian population, including internally displaced people.

Available in English and French

Beating malaria through partnership and innovation
IFRC, 2011

This advocacy report details the importance of strengthening and increasing global, regional and local partnerships — in which the Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies and the IFRC are already involved — in order to forge a strong, coordinated approach towards defeating malaria.

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Participatory Approach for Safe Shelter Awareness
IFRC, 2011

Shelter and settlement risks and vulnerabilities are increasing due to changes in disaster trends, the impact of climate change and growing social and economic marginalization and urbanization. A participatory approach to safe shelter awareness (PASSA) aims to raise the awareness among vulnerable people to the everyday risks related to their built environment and to foster locally appropriate safe shelter and settlement practices.

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Physiotherapy leaflet
ICRC, 2011

The physiotherapy leaflet is a concise introduction to the work of the ICRC’s physiotherapists. It explains both the role these professionals play in physical rehabilitation and hospital projects, and the ICRC’s approach in this field.

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Towards a tuberculosis-free world
IFRC, 2011

One in every three people worldwide is infected with tuberculosis and, while most will never become ill, those who do are often neglected or forced to live in silence with their disease. This advocacy report calls unequivocally for more information on the disease, more funding for TB research and more people to be tested and treated.

Available in English, French and Russian

The Red Cross Red Crescent approach to sustainable development
IFRC, 2011

Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies and the IFRC are not just present on the ground when disaster strikes. They are there well before and well after crises occur. Therefore, according to this ten-page position paper, they are well placed to be effective in longer-term development work.

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Death in the field
ICRC, 2011

Renowned Swiss-Lebanese editorial cartoonist Patrick Chappatte has teamed up with the ICRC to create a new, animated documentary on the impact of cluster munitions in Lebanon. Chappatte’s satirical take on world events is regularly featured in leading international and Swiss newspapers.

Running time: 11 min. Available in English and French



Clearing Weapon Contamination — Libya
ICRC, 2011

The city of Ajdabiya in Libya has been the scene of heavy fighting between rebels and pro-Gaddafi forces. While the battle lines have moved on, many people are not returning home because of the threat posed by unexploded munitions such as rockets, shells and mortars. The ICRC is the first to start clearing these abandoned weapons of war in Libya.

Running time: 1:40 min. Available in English


New and improved IFRC and ICRC online ‘newrooms’

The recently redesigned and updated ‘newsrooms’ on the IFRC and ICRC websites offer a number of new videos to broadcast journalists, media outlets and others, who can preview and download B-roll and background material. Recent IFRC releases include reports on refugees in Liberia, cholera treatment in Haiti and earthquake recovery in China. From the ICRC, releases include material on detainees in Gaza and unexploded ordnance in Libya.

International Federation materials are available from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, P.O. Box 372, CH-1211 Geneva 19, Switzerland. for the Federation

  ICRC materials are available from the International Committee of the Red Cross, 19 avenue de la Paix, CH-1202 Geneva, Switzerland. for the ICRC

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