Health care
in danger

Health care is often hardest to deliver and access precisely when it’s needed most. Fiona Terry outlines the global challenges of delivering health care during conflict or other situations of violence; reporter Vincent Pulin looks at the holistic services offered at Mirwais Hospital in Kandahar; and two seasoned and daring war photographers offer a close-up glimpse of what it’s like to care for war-wounded in Libya’s civil unrest.

Fundamental Principles
How does a National Society deliver health, first aid and other services deep inside one of the world’s most hostile conflict zones? The Afghan Red Crescent says its fundamental tool is the neutrality of its courageous volunteer corps.

Images of ‘Arab Spring’
Faced with their own internal civil unrest and turmoil, several National Societies from Libya to Yemen have had to negotiate a changing political environment while at the same time dealing with evolving, complex and sometimes dangerous humanitarian crises.

Disaster relief
Out of sight, out of mind
When major disasters strike, the world takes notice. International appeals are launched and the media arrive in droves. But what about the thousands of smaller or ‘neglected’ disasters that don’t get the same attention from the media and humanitarian groups? A story in words, pictures and graphs.

Psychological recovery
Mending minds
As Japan begins the long task of cleaning up and rebuilding after the March earthquake and tsunami, the Japanese Red Cross Society is offering psychological support in a culture that values stoicism in the face of adversity.

Forgotten conflict
Iraq’s forgotten victims
This photo-based story calls attention to a conflict that has received less media attention in recent years. Photojournalist Ed Ou brings us a panoramic view of how some Iraqis are getting back on their feet — with a little help from the ICRC.

In Brief
A summary of Red Cross and Red Crescent activities around the world.

Towards a tuberculosis-free world; the ICRC Annual Report; the Movement Policy on Internal Displacement; Death in the field, and more.

Back cover
A classic volunteer poster from the Turkish Red Cross Society.


Health care: most difficult
when it is most needed

By Robin M. Coupland



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