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Humanity Inc.

As humanitarian needs rise and aid budgets — particularly for core funding — are scarce, what’s a humanitarian organization to do? One answer is to open up for business. Our reporter rides along with the Kenya Red Cross Society’s E-Plus ambulance service and checks into their growing hotel chain. She delivers this report of the risks and rewards of using private enterprise to fund humanitarian assistance.

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Raising snakes,
saving lives

Investing in humanity
How the Burundi Red Cross is using the power of volunteering to help communities out of poverty, aid dependence and food insecurity.

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Principles that unite

Humanitarian law and business
The grey zone
The idea of private businesses offering military or security services during conflict is as old as war itself. Today, rapid growth and change in the forprofit military and security industry pose major challenges for the enforcement of human rights and humanitarian law.

Faces of resilience
From Colombia to Yemen, the Movement is working in local communities to help people make themselves and their neighbours stronger, healthier, productive and more resilient.

Cash in hand
How a question posed to aid worker Sarah Bailey in 2005 illustrates how far the thinking about cash as a form of aid has come in just a few short years.

Donors need transparency, not tactics
By Unni Karunakara Unni, international president of Médecins sans Frontières.

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The Thai Red Cross Society Snake Farm

A site for sore feet
The ICRC and the Mexican Red Cross work together to bring medical help to Central Americans on their way north. It’s one example of how the Movement reaches a healing hand to migrants when they are at their most vulnerable.

Natural disaster
Unforgettable storms
Galveston, Texas is the home of the United States’ deadliest-ever natural disaster: the 1900 hurricane that claimed more than 6,000 lives. Today, this city built on an island still suffers successive hurricanes. In the wake of hurricanes Katrina and Ike, is the city’s much-needed recovery being overlooked?

Forgotten Disasters
The wreck of the Madjiriha
When the massive Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia capsized off the coast of Italy in January 2012, killing more than 30 people, the world’s media responded. In other parts of the world, maritime disasters are claiming many more lives but few of those stories are told. Here is one of them: the tragedy of the Madjiriha.

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Grueling rescue on land and sea

In Brief
A summary of Red Cross and Red Crescent activities around the world.

World Disasters Report 2012; Child soldiers and other children associated with armed forces and armed groups; Mini EHL: The essence of humanitarian law; and more...


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