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Hurricane Sandy in the USA received nine times the media coverage of 12 silent disasters combined
Percentage of total media coverage of 13 disasters around the world in late 2012 and early 2013.
Source: A study commissioned by the IFRC and ECHO and conducted by Montreal-based Influence Communications as part of the Silent Disasters campaign.

Bangladesh tropical storm 0.49%
Burundi returnees from Tanzania 0.12%
Cambodia floods and food insecurity 0.34%
Dengue outbreak in El Salvador 0.05%
Ecuador floods 0.10%
Hurricane Sandy in the Caribbean 6.76%
Hurricane Sandy in the US 89.40%
Mongolia extreme cold 0.24%
Southern Africa food insecurity 0.31%
Tajikistan earthquake 0.09%
The Sahel food insecurity 1.29%
Uganda epidemics 0.73%
Viet Nam hand, foot and mouth disease 0.07%


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