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Photo: ©Lebanese Red Cross

“At last, I did it!”


Those are the words of Lebanese international desert runner Ali Wehbi, as he raised the flag of the Red Cross at the North Pole. Wehbi faced extreme temperatures and dangerous cracks in the ice on the final six hours of the trek before finally arriving at the top of the world. This feat of humanitarian endurance was part of an international race in which 48 professional runners from 20 different countries ran under the banner of ‘150 years and running’ to highlight the history and the work of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.

It was just one of dozens of events around the world on 8 May celebrating 150 years of humanitarian action. People laced up their running shoes, rolled out their wheelchairs, even slipped into colourful kayaks in order to celebrate the Movement’s living legacy. Based on some of the photos shown here, humanity can be a lot of fun.

(Clockwise from top) Around the world, people celebrated 150 years of humanitarian action in different ways. Lebanese long-distance runner Ali Wehbi held up a Red Cross flag at the North Pole; a Mexican Red Cross marching band took part in 8 May festivities; a runner makes a dash during a Red Crescent sponsored running event in Tehran; the ICRC delegation in Brazil takes to the water in kayaks; and in the Republic of Georgia, people enjoyed some tasty and colourful cupcakes.

Photo: ©ICRC

Photo: ©ICRC

Photo: ©Abedin Mahdavi/ICRC

Photo: ©ICRC


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