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The last drop

The world has a unique chance to eradicate polio. With billions of dollars of support and coordinated efforts by governments and international health organizations, it could be the biggest public health victory since the eradication of smallpox. But with people who don’t want their children vaccinated and in war-torn countries with dilapidated infrastructure, will their efforts be enough?

House calls
How Indian Red Cross Society volunteers bring personal, one-on-one care to people fighting a pernicious disease while suffering from the social stigma it brings.

Shifting sands
As the nature of the conflict in northern Mali has changed, the ICRC has beefed up its operations — and adapted to new realities.

When stigma kills
Stigma takes many forms. Around the world, the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement stands up to stigma, sometimes loudly through public campaigns, sometimes quietly in the privacy of a hospital room or prison cell.

Unexpected guests
Afraid to return home, displaced people from northern Mali are finding shelter in communities in the south. But the resources of those who take them in are stretched thin, with the hosts often not much better off than the refugees.

Building trust and wiping out polio, door by door, drop by drop
Dr Suraya Dalil

Minister of Public Health
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Panorama: The ICRC in action worldwide; Accompanying the families of missing persons: A practical handbook; Community early warning systems: guiding principles; and more…

Fundamental Principles
Humanity first
A paramedic with the Lebanese Red Cross emergency medical services describes the daily challenge of bringing neutral and impartial assistance in a country feeling the strains of war just over the border.

Fundamental Principles
Radical neutrality
These powerful photos and words highlight the devastating consequences of conflict in which civilians are bearing the brunt of the suffering. They also reflect on the courageous application of neutrality, impartiality and humanity by Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers.

Fundamental Principles
Enduring humanity
As the Movement celebrates its 150th anniversary, we take a look at the ways people the world over see humanity and other Fundamental Principles through words and images.

150 Years of Humanitarian Action
‘At last, I did it’
Photos from around the world from ‘150 years and running’ events celebrating a century and a half of Movement history.

In Brief
A summary of Red Cross and Red Crescent activities around the world.

Back cover
An image of humanity
From the Movement’s Facebook page dedicated to the Fundamental Principles.


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