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Looking back, moving forward

 20 years later, new stories to tell

To learn more about how the Rwanda Red Cross continues to help people today, including those affected by the 1994 genocide, see:

A story and slideshow entitled ‘20 years of transformation for individuals, communities and the country’

The Rwanda Red Cross website

A story about how Rwanda Red Cross volunteers assist the traumatized during genocide commemorations

The recollections of IFRC’s Lasse Norgaard, whose first day on the job as IFRC’s regional communications delegate for East Africa coincided with the first days of the genocide. (1994: Despair and the unquiet dead in hell’s backyard)

A call from ICRC to never forget the suffering that occurred during 100 days in Rwanda in 1994. The coverage includes an excerpt of speech by Philippe Gaillard, head of the ICRC's delegation in Rwanda, 1993-1994 as well as links to other related statements.


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