The face of humanity

Covered head-to-toe in protective clothing, volunteers on the front lines of the fight against the Ebola virus disease represent the best hope for those suffering from this lethal disease and for preventing a global epidemic.

Burying Ebola’s dead        
Teams of young volunteers often work from morning until midnight to carry out one of the most critical and dangerous tasks in the effort to contain Ebola: burying the bodies of the deceased.


International humanitarian law
Cities under fire
Artillery, mortars, rockets, missiles and bombs dropped from airplanes. These are just some of the highly lethal and destructive weapons being used today in densely populated urban settings.

War in the streets
Just as the world’s population has grown more and more urban, modern warfare has also increasingly found a home among the apartment buildings, streets, neighbourhoods, business centres and markets of major cities. These photos reflect on the long-term ramifications and costs of war in the city.


Urban violence
Away from violence

In the wake of war and natural disaster, violence has taken root in many impoverished inner-city areas of Central America. For young people hoping to find a different way, four National Societies in the region offer helping hands. But is it enough to keep the violence at bay?

Disaster risk reduction
A way to safety

Earthquakes are frightening enough. Imagine making your way to safety if you are blind or confined to a wheelchair. A Nicaraguan Red Cross disaster preparedness programme aimed at people with disabilities is just one example of ways that National Societies are reducing the risks associated with natural and man-made disasters.


150 years of humanitarian action
History in the making
In January, the ICRC archives will release operation records from the period from 1965 to 1975. For historians studying conflict in the late 20th century, it is a unique and exciting chance to better understand a critical era for humanitarian action.


My Red Cross Red Crescent story
A moving story from a long-time Red Cross Red Crescent health worker; a tale of life, death and blood; recollections on the founding of the Timor-Leste Red Cross Society; and more.


In Brief
A summary of Red Cross and Red Crescent activities around the world including:

Learning the lesson of Ebola
by Elhadj As Sy
Secretary General, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

The IFRC’s World Disasters Report 2014 looks at the impact of culture on disaster preparedness and a guide from the ICRC for understanding the phenomenon of children in detention, among other Movement publications.

Back cover
Editorial cartoon-photo, by Palestinian cartoonist Hani Abbas and based on an image from Syria, hints at both the life that once thrived in this urban landscape and the daunting challenge of rebuilding from the rubble.


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