Invisible scars

The Movement is doing more to help victims of sexual and gender-based violence as its response evolves from an ad hoc element to becoming an integral part of emergency response. But victims of these crimes are often not visible to humanitarian agencies. So responders need to get better at looking for the signs, listening to victims and offering relevant immediate and long-term care.

Healthcare in conflict
Preventing death with data
A system for collecting health data with mobile phones in the Central African Republic is proving that even in a country torn apart by sectarian violence, the national health system can deliver life-saving malaria drugs.

Comfort after tragedy, withhelp from technology
American Red Cross volunteers in New York City have new tools to help them locate, help and follow up with victims of house and apartment fires. Photographer Marko Kokic takes us on a ride along with volunteers working the overnight shift in one of America’s largest cities.

Technology and humanitarian response
Knowledge is key

How hand-held tablets and a system for uploading and managing data developed by the ICRC are making detention conditions healthier and more humane in the Philippines.


Breaking point
When other aid agencies pulled out due to heavy fighting, the Yemen Red Crescent Society and a core group of ICRC expat and national staff stayed on the ground, offering humanitarian services at great sacrifice.

Natural disaster
After a powerful earthquake in April, followed by repeated tremors and a violent aftershock, people in Nepal are learning how to survive, rebuild and deal with trauma as more aftershocks bring back terrible memories.


Fundamental Principles
Building a stronger foundation
How strong legal and organizational foundations help National Societies deliver life-saving humanitarian aid in accordance with the Fundamental Principles.


In Brief
A summary of Red Cross and Red Crescent activities around the world including:

Guest editorial
Addressing sexual violence against men and boys
by Chris Dolan

Discovering the ICRC; water shortage during conflict; looking past Ebola towards building community health: these are some of topics addressed in publications released by the Movement in recent months.

Back cover
People who survive sexual violence are often stigmatized, shunned and live under threat of retaliation if they publically accuse their attackers.


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