The power of humanity
Photo essay of
Red Cross and Red Crescent action in the
20th century

Forces of change
Caribbean Red Cross societies respond to the HIV/AIDS crisis among the region's youth
The stranglehold
of sanctions

Life in Iraq after nine years of sanctions
Out of the spotlight
The conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea
Cornelio Sommaruga
A Red Cross reborn
Profile of the Estonian Red Cross

Hassan, the Sultan of the
Bani-Amers, relented. He said:
"Try to retain your health, my noble friend
And let me bring a doctor to your side,
To treat your wounds until you can ride,
You can then pay me visits in my home,
And I to yours shall also come.
The sufferings caused by you we shall forget,
We shall be truthful friends, hope for the best."

Al-Zinati Khalifa
Arabian epics
ICRC, Cairo 1997

In Brief
In Brief
Making a difference
Resources - Books
Resources - Video

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