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The Ottawa Treaty:
Towards a world free of anti-personnel mines

ICRC, 1999

In order to overcome one of the most serious problems of our times, the international community signed a treaty in Ottawa outlawing an invisible enemy that strikes blindly: anti-personnel mines.

This documentary reviews the prohibitions - on the use, development, stockpiling and transfer of anti-personnel mines - and the obligations instituted by the treaty: the destruction of existing stocks, the clearance of mine-infested areas and the setting up of prevention and assistance programmes.

It serves to remind us that at the dawn of the new millennium the treaty's provisions represent a complete plan of action for eradicating this scourge - an objective that can only be reached if the treaty is actually applied on the ground.

Running time: 14 minutes. Available from the ICRC in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese. VHS, Sfr. 20.
The Geneva Conventions, 50 Years On

Co-produced by the ICRC and broadcast worldwide by APTN Roving Report, the video features the 50th anniversary events held in Geneva on 12 August 1999 and illustrates some of the basic rules of the Geneva Conventions.

Running time: 10 min. Available from the ICRC in French, English, and Spanish. VHS, Sfr. 20.

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