27th International Conference
of the Red Cross and Red Crescent


MONDAY 1st November 1999

"Volunteering 2000 - challenge for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in strengthening Civil society".
Organiser(s) : International Federation, Sudanese Red Crescent, Swiss Red Cross and Finnish Red Cross

"People on war: results of the world-wide consultation".
Organiser(s) : ICRC

"Widowhood and armed conflict: challenges faced and strategies forward".
Organiser(s) : Australian Red Cross and ICRC, in collaboration with the Swedish Red Cross

TUESDAY 2 November 1999

"Working in partnership: Government support to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement".
Organiser(s) : British Red Cross and British Government (DFID)

"The humanitarian challenge of small arms proliferation".
Organiser(s) : Norwegian Red Cross, Norwegian Government, Malian Red Cross and Malian Government


WEDNESDAY 3 November 1999

"Fight against AIDS in developing countries".
Organiser(s) : French Red Cross

"Ensuring respect for International Humanitarian Law - towards appropriate mechanisms".
Organiser(s) : Swiss Government (DFAE) and German Red Cross
"The SIrUS project and reviewing the legality of new weapons".
Organiser(s) : ICRC, Australian Red Cross and Danish RC


THURSDAY 4 November 1999

"Use and development of SPHERE standards" .
Organiser(s) : Danish Red Cross and International Federation

"Children affected by armed conflicts".
Organiser(s) : Canadian Government, Canadian Red Cross and Sierra Leone Red Cross


FRIDAY 5 November 1999

Effects of climate change on disaster response" .
Organiser(s) : International Federation

"Humanitarian action and Business : common interests?"
Organiser(s) : Belgian Government, Belgian Red Cross and Henry Dunant Centre for humanitarian dialogue

"Implementation of the Statute of the International Criminal Court".
Organiser(s) : Netherlands Red Cross and Yugoslav Red Cross

"Health Education and First Aid Training: A basic arena for Red Cross and Red Crescent voluntary services in community development ".
Organiser(s) : French Red Cross, Swedish Red Cross, Belgian Red Cross and Nigerian Red Cross

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The International Criminal Court

Volunteering 2000

People On War

Widowhood and armed conflict

Working in partnership

The humanitarian challenge of small arms proliferation

Fight against AIDS in developing countries

Ensuring respect for International Humanitarian Law

The SIrUS Project and reviewing the legality of new weapons

Use and development of SPHERE standards

Health and first aid training