27th International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

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MONDAY 1st November 1999

"Volunteering 2000 - challenge for the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement in strengthening Civil society".
Organiser(s) : International Federation, Sudanese Red Crescent, Swiss Red Cross and Finnish Red Cross

"People on war: results of the world-wide consultation".
Organiser(s) : ICRC

"Widowhood and armed conflict: challenges faced and strategies forward".
Organiser(s) : Australian Red Cross and ICRC, in collaboration with the Swedish Red Cross

TUESDAY 2 November 1999

"Working in partnership: Government support to the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement".
Organiser(s) : British Red Cross and British Government (DFID)

"The humanitarian challenge of small arms proliferation".
Organiser(s) : Norwegian Red Cross, Norwegian Government, Malian Red Cross and Malian Government


WEDNESDAY 3 November 1999

"Fight against AIDS in developing countries".
Organiser(s) : French Red Cross

"Ensuring respect for International Humanitarian Law - towards appropriate mechanisms".
Organiser(s) : Swiss Government (DFAE) and German Red Cross
"The SIrUS project and reviewing the legality of new weapons".
Organiser(s) : ICRC, Australian Red Cross and Danish RC


THURSDAY 4 November 1999

"Use and development of SPHERE standards" .
Organiser(s) : Danish Red Cross and International Federation

"Children affected by armed conflicts".
Organiser(s) : Canadian Government, Canadian Red Cross and Sierra Leone Red Cross


FRIDAY 5 November 1999

Effects of climate change on disaster response" .
Organiser(s) : International Federation

"Humanitarian action and Business : common interests?"
Organiser(s) : Belgian Government, Belgian Red Cross and Henry Dunant Centre for humanitarian dialogue

"Implementation of the Statute of the International Criminal Court".
Organiser(s) : Netherlands Red Cross and Yugoslav Red Cross

"Health Education and First Aid Training: A basic arena for Red Cross and Red Crescent voluntary services in community development ".
Organiser(s) : French Red Cross, Swedish Red Cross, Belgian Red Cross and Nigerian Red Cross