Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

Dr. Théodore Maunoir

Théodore Maunoir, a founder member of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, was born in Geneva in 1806 and studied medicine in England and France.

He became a surgeon and member of the Board of Health of Geneva's Public Hygiene and Sanitary Commission. Talleyrand, the illustrious diplomat, spotted in the young Maunoir a talent for diplomacy but failed to get him to forsake medicine.

Maunoir was a friend of Louis Appia, another founder member. Pierre Boissier's history of the ICRC "From Solferino to Tsushima" describes Maunoir as "a man of great qualities. Exceptionally intelligent, he was also charming, and his letters are illuminated by a delightful sense of humour".

His clear and precise mind was invaluable in helping Dunant, Dufour, Moynier and Appia to establish what was to become the world's greatest voluntary movement. Until his death in 1869, he remained a keen associate of the ICRC.

Dr. Theodor Maunoir

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