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montageThe Seville Agreement --
formally known as "The Agreement on the Organization of the International Activites on the Components of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement".


There are eleven accompanying Resolutions with the Seville Agreement

Resolution 11 -- Commission for the Financing of the ICRC

The Council of Delegates,

having taken note of the interim report and of the supplementary report submitted by the Commission for the Financing of the ICRC,

recalling the numerous resolutions in which National Societies have, since 1921, shown their concern to see the Geneva institutions receive the necessary resources, and have expressed their willingness to provide support to that effect,

recognizing that the ICRC requires support and financial independence in order to carry out its activities for victims of war and internal violence,

further recalling Resolution 7 of the 1995 Council of Delegates , which asked the Commission for the Financing of the ICRC to review its role and working methods,

1.renews the mandate of the Commission for the Financing of the ICRC in its present composition for two years;

2.asks the Commission to favour, within its original mandate, mutual consultation between the ICRC and National Societies on questions relating to financing (whether in kind, cash or services) and to resource management, it being understood that emphasis should be put on seeking ways and means to adapt to the constantly changing humanitarian aid environment;

3.recommends that the Commission adopt a flexible way of working whereby informal ad hoc meetings can be held throughout the year whenever some of its members are gathered, the outcome of such discussions then being presented to the annual plenary meeting;

4.thanks the National Societies which have already contributed to the financing of the ICRC and encourages all National Societies to join in this common effort;

5.asks the Commission to periodically review, in close consultation with the ICRC, the rate of National Societies' contributions to the ICRC's headquarters budget, it being recommended that each National Society's contribution should be equal to the percentage assigned to it in the Federation's established annual scale of contributions;

6.requests the Commission to establish a system providing for balanced geographical representation in its membership; the term of office shall be four years, and it is recommended that no member should serve more than two terms; National Societies arriving at the end of their terms should, subsequent to consultation with the ICRC, recommend a replacement National Society from the same geographical region;

7.further requests the Commission to report to it during the next meeting of the Council of Delegates in 1999.

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