Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

montageThe Seville Agreement --
formally known as "The Agreement on the Organization of the International Activites on the Components of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement".


There are eleven accompanying Resolutions with the Seville Agreement

Resolution 2 -- The Emblem

The Council of Delegates,

bearing in mind Articles 38 and 44 of the First Geneva Convention of 1949 on the protective and indicative uses of the emblems,

emphasizing the long-standing and incontestable value of the red cross and the red crescent as protective and indicative emblems for the Movement and that both emblems are widely known around the world and deeply meaningful to many millions of people,

noting that the emblems are above all treaty-based distinctive signs designed to protect the victims and that it is primarily the responsibility of the States party to the Geneva Conventions to take the necessary measures to strengthen their protective force,

recognizing the need to improve the protection of the victims and of those who come to their aid in situations where the emblems are not respected or where there is a danger that they will not be respected,
1. takes note of the interim report submitted by the Standing Commission and of the working paper attached to it;
2. recalls operative paragraph 8 of Resolution 3 on the Future of the Movement (Geneva, 1995), and encourages the ICRC, the International Federation, National Societies and States to take steps at the legislative, preventive and repressive levels to ensure greater respect for the emblems and to inform the Council of the measures adopted;
3. requests that the "Criteria for evaluating possible solutions", as defined on page 13 of the working paper attached to Report CD 97/4.1/1, serve as a basis for the discussions aimed at finding an overall solution, mindful of the emblems, to the specific problems that arise;
4. recommends that the Standing Commission continue its consultations with National Societies and government experts from States party to the Geneva Conventions and report to the next Council of Delegates, in the hope that all the components of the Movement can adopt a common position that will lead to a dialogue with States.

Resolution 1 -- The Standing Commission of the Red Cross and Red Crescent
Resolution 3-- The 27th International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent
Resolution 4 -- National Implementation of international humanitarian law
Resolution 5 -- International Criminal Court
Resolution 6 -- Future of the Movement
Resolution 7 -- Functional Cooperation
Resolution 8 -- Peace, international humanitarian law and human rights
Resolution 9 -- Communication policy of the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS AND RED CRESCENT Movement
Resolution 10 -- International Red Cross and Red Crescent Millennium Year
Resolution 11 -- Commission for the financing of the ICRC

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