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Dance the world

By Jean Milligan

Beginning on the 8 May 1999 through to 8 May 2000, National Societies, the Federation and the ICRC will mark the new millennium with an orchestrated series of events, programmes and campaigns. From serious to symbolic, there will be something for everyone including global actions such as the 50th anniversary of the Geneva Conventions; Pledging for the future; and Profiling 2000 volunteers. “This is a unique opportunity for the whole Movement to present and profile its values and action, to pledge to the future and to speak with one voice,” explains Joanna MacLean, the Federation’s Millennium Year coordinator.

On World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, 8 May 1999, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Millennium Year will be launched, with National Societies worldwide organizing and promoting as many and varied dance events as the imagination permits. To date, 70 National Societies have signed on to participate in this global event known as ‘Dance the World’.

Dance transcends boundaries while respecting cultures. It celebrates both the universality and diversity of humanity. As Joanna MacLean explains the link between the Movement and dance, “...the message, the language, the context may change, but the commitment to relieve suffering does not. Much like in dance where the style of dancing may differ from one country to another, but the celebration of rhythm and the human spirit remains the foundation for all dance.”

‘Dance the World’ will feature the vibrant colours and flamboyance of Latin American routines, the elegance and classical beauty of Asian dancers, the grand balls and folk dances of Europe, the swaying grace of Pacific islanders, the drama and ritual of Middle Eastern dance, the drumming and exuberance of African and Caribbean rhythms. This rainbow of colours, motion and faces are all connected by a commitment to promote the universal humanitarian values of the Movement.

From Belgium to the Philippnes, Uganda to the Pacific islands, National Societies are organizing events both large and small. The British Red Cross has booked the most prestigious concert hall in London and invited groups from all over the country to participate in a dance marathon. Another society, working closely with the ministry of youth and sport, is assisting schools throughout the country to organize ‘Dance the World’ activities. And yet another is preparing to work in co-operation with sister National Societies in neighbouring countries to dance at the borders.

With the day fast approaching, it is up to Red Cross and Red Crescent members and supporters from around the world to ensure that ‘Dance the World’ is a global success. What will you be doing on 8 May this year? How about putting on your dancing shoes?

Jean Milligan
Jean Milligan is Federation editor of Red Cross, Red Crescent magazine.

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