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ICRC materials are available from the International Committee of the Red Cross, 19 avenue de la Paix, CH-1202 Geneva, Switzerland.

International Federation materials are available from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, P.O. Box 372, CH-1211 Geneva 19, Switzerland. for the ICRC for the Federation

Humanitarian action & armed conflict: Coping with stress
Newly revised edition by Barthold Bierens de Haan.


This brochure is intended for ICRC staff and humanitarian professionals working in conflict zones or other emergency situations. It describes and proposes ways of dealing with the various emotional reactions that may arise as a result of a traumatic event or from the daily difficulties encountered in the field. It contains a self-evaluation test.
Available from the ICRC in English and French, 28pp., Sfr. 4.-


ARCHI 2010

A tool kit for volunteers
This tool kit for volunteers presents a set of prototypes for local adaptation, for example peer education for HIV/AIDS and community action guidelines for latrines.

Available in English, French and Portuguese from the Federation.

Strengthening protection in war: a search for professional standards

Edited by Sylvie Giossi Caverzasio.
This volume presents the results of four years of ICRC workshops on protecting civilians in armed conflict and situations of internal violence. It includes contributions from over 100 professionals from 50 different organizations. Its aim is to promote shared principles and practices, and to raise the levels of professionalism and effectiveness in organizations working in the field of protection.

Available from the ICRC in English, 127 pp., Sfr. 40.-

Women facing war

This study by the ICRC is an extensive reference document on the impact of armed conflict on the lives of women. Taking as its premise the needs of women in situations of armed conflict, e.g., physical safety, access to health care, food and shelter, the study explores the problems faced by women in wartime and the coping mechanisms they employ.
A thorough analysis of inter-national humanitarian law, and to a lesser extent human rights and refugee law, was carried out as a means to assess the protection afforded to women through these bodies of law. The study also includes a review of the ICRC's operational response to the needs of women as victims of armed conflict.

Available from the ICRC in English; also to be published in French and Spanish. Sfr. 45.-


Mental Health Services in Disaster: Manual for Humanitarian Workers

by Raquel E. Cohen, Pan American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO), 2000.
The manual compiles key issues in disaster mental health with special attention to vulnerable groups: children, elderly, people living with HIV/AIDS, etc. The accompanying Instructor's guide constitutes a good practical tool that will be helpful in training and supervising the preparation of disaster assistance teams.



Public Health Guide for Emergencies

Co-produced by the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health and the Federation, this is a guide for planners, programme and monitoring professionals who are interested in studying the essence of public health in emergencies.

Available in English from the Federation.


Water and Sanitation Mission Assistant

A working tool to assist Red Cross, Red Crescent water and sanitation practitioners during missions.

Available in English from the Federation.

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