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ICRC materials are available from the International Committee of the Red Cross, 19 avenue de la Paix, CH-1202 Geneva, Switzerland.

International Federation materials are available from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, P.O. Box 372, CH-1211 Geneva 19, Switzerland. for the ICRC for the Federation

Federation Appeal

The Federation is running or supporting programmes in more than 150 countries. These programmes assist millions of the world's most vulnerable people; victims of natural and man-made disasters, refugees and displaced people and those hit by socio-economic problems. The Appeal 2002-2003 seeks 270 million Swiss francs to fund 72 humanitarian assistance programmes.

Federation, Geneva, 2002. Available in English, French, Spanish.

Armed conflict and family links

This revised leaflet provides a concise summary of the problem and a description of the methods used to restore family links, reunite separated families or to ascertain the status of detainees and missing people.

ICRC, Geneva, 2002.
Available in English and French.


Protection of cultural property in the event of armed conflict

by María Teresa Dutli
This report on the proceedings of a meeting of experts held in Geneva in October 2000 is intended to identify activities that can ensure protection of cultural property at the national level, and to encourage states to ratify the relevant treaties.

ICRC, Geneva, 2002, Sfr.35.
Available in French, English and Spanish.

Medical utopias

Under the direction of Rony Brauman
Editions Le Pommier and Médecins sans Frontières
This book, conceived and directed by Rony Brauman,
former president of Médecins sans Frontières (MSF), brings together specialists from that organization. They engage in a reflection on the practice of medicine within the humanitarian and development field. The authors raise questions about the effectiveness of Western style medical treatment in the developing world and criticize the trend towards a primarily scientific approach to care. The book argues against this trend and seeks to promotes a more humane approach to medicine.

Le Pommier, 2000, EUR 15.
Available in French.

Ensuring respect for the life and dignity of prisoners

This revised leaflet tells of intolerable situations of insecurity and violence, accompanied by summary executions, disappearances, arbitrary detention, etc. It also describes the activities of the ICRC as a neutral intermediary between the detaining authorities and the victims, and the organization's struggle to ensure respect for human dignity.

ICRC, Geneva, 2002
Available in English and French.

  Ending violence against women

Francine Pickup with Suzanne Williams and Caroline Sweetman:
Violence, and fear of violence, dramatically limit women's choices in virtually all spheres of their lives. It has both long- and short-term, consequences for women's physical and emotional well-being. It decreases women's ability to gain an education, earn a livelihood, develop human relationships and participate in public activities, including development programmes. Yet development organizations have been slow to realize the centrality of the issue to their work. This is the first book to make a sustained case for violence against women to be taken up as by development organizations, as a development issue in its own right.

Oxfam Publishing, 2001, GB£11.50.
Available in English.

Reducing household vulnerability to HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases

This document presents the Federation's global programme to strengthen National Society capacity to respond to HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases. The publication will be updated regularly to keep stakeholders informed of new developments within the Red Cross Red Crescent to care for victims and fight against further spread of these diseases.

Federation, 2002
Available from the Federation in English

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