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War in Iraq and the aftermath


Basra suburbs, end of April 2003. Remnants of war are one of the major threats in Iraq.

Basra suburbs, end of April 2003. Prevention against the dangers of remnants of war is one of the ICRC's current priorities.

A team of Iraqi Red Crescent Society (IRCS) identifying a badly decomposed body of a war victim in Baghdad, the Iraqi capital. IRCS is active in tracing and burying remains temporarily until next of kin are informed.

In front of ICRC delegation in Baghdad, people are checking lists of prisoners recently registered in the hope of finding news about relatives.

An Iraqi citizen in Baghdad's office of the ICRC talking to relatives outside the country. The two-minute telephone calls are manned by IRCS volunteers.

An IRCS volunteer monitoring a satellite phone station at the ICRC Baghdad delegation. Reconnecting families after the war is very popular in the country which lost most of its communications system to a massive bombing campaign.

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