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Hunger is one of the world’s most entrenched and tragic forms of suffering. Over the past decade, food insecurity has become worse in many regions, notably in sub-Saharan Africa. This issue’s lead story goes behind the headlines and the shocking photos of emaciated children. Why has the world been unable to solve this baffl ing problem, and how are energetic people tackling it in their own communities?

Across the globe, millions of Red Cross Red Crescent volunteers dedicate their time to serving their neighbours, often under extraordinary circumstances. In Haiti’s Cité-Soleil, volunteers risk their lives to evacuate wounded people and bring safe water. Around Europe’s frontiers, volunteers offer food and water to Africans who arrive after desperate voyages in search of a more secure life.

In June the Movement reached an important milestone, when a new emblem — the red crystal — was offi cially adopted. Future issues of Red Cross Red Crescent magazine will outline the implications of this decision. Following this agreement, the Israeli National Society, Magen David Adom, and the Palestine Red Crescent Society were formally admitted to the Movement. This recognition is important for the Movement and for the two neutral and independent societies, which already cooperate to improve conditions in their region, often under the most trying circumstances.

As this issue of Red Cross Red Crescent goes to press, thousands of volunteers in Israel, Lebanon and Palestine are working around the clock to cope with the devastating
humanitarian consequences of a seething confl ict that exploded into violence in July.

Jean-François Berger
ICRC editor

Rosemarie North
International Federation editor


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