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The Israeli-Palestinian confrontation is an unending tragedy that has placed a heavy burden on several generations of people. In the Palestinian territories, the civilian population pays a high price every day for the Israeli occupation. At the same time, many families in Israel suffer as a result of the violence. The split within the Palestinians and deadly fighting in Gaza between militants from Hamas and Fatah increase humanitarian hardship; the crisis is exacerbated by grim economic circumstances.

We pay tribute to the Movement’s work in this explosive context, especially the daily commitment of the Palestine Red Crescent Society and the Magen David Adom, with the support of the ICRC, the International Federation and several National Societies. Sadly, while there is no prospect of peace, there can be only more suffering and more humanitarian need. This shows the limits of emergency humanitarian action, which can never replace the only means of defusing the tension — genuine and effective negotiation among all the parties involved in this tragedy.

This year will end in an important event for the Movement: the 30th Conference of Red Cross and Red Crescent will take place in Geneva in November with the theme, “Together for humanity”. Representatives of the broadest solidarity network in the world will tackle four pressing issues: the humanitarian consequences of climate change; migration; armed violence; and emerging and recurring diseases. These are inescapable topics that this issue of Red Cross Red Crescent magazine touches on and to which we will return in the future.

Jean-François Berger
ICRC editor

Rosemarie North
International Federation editor


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