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World Disasters Report
International Federation, 2007

This year’s World Disasters Report, subtitled Tackling Discrimination in Disasters, examines which groups are discriminated against, why, how and the ways discrimination increases vulnerability. Among the groups often discriminated against are older people, people with disabilities, certain minorities and women. The report offers recommendations to make aid fairer and concludes with comprehensive statistics on disasters worldwide.

Available in English. Summaries in Arabic, French and Spanish.

The International Red Cross
and Red Crescent Movement
at a glance

International Federation–ICRC, 2007

This eight-page brochure introduces the ICRC, the International Federation and National Societies, and describes how they interact. As well as listing key facts about each Movement component, the brochure outlines key concepts such as the right to know, and risk reduction and preparedness.

Available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

Programmes and appeal
International Federation, 2008

Climate change is fundamentally altering the entire humanitarian agenda, increasing disasters and public health emergencies, reducing water supplies and worsening the vulnerability of millions of people around the world. The International Federation’s Programmes and appeal calls for 326 million Swiss francs a year for 2008 and 2009 for programmes that help communities prepare for and pre-empt health and disaster threats. This year also sees a new field structure, with seven zone offices that put decisions and resources in the field, closer to Red Cross Red Crescent Societies and the vulnerable communities they serve.

Available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish.

The story of an idea
International Federation–ICRC, 2007

The story of an idea is an exciting new publication which brings to life the story of the birth of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement and its history to date. This comic strip was created by world-renowned artist Jean Giraud, alias Moebius. Ideal for a general audience, the illustrations present, in simple terms, the meaning of the Geneva Conventions, the universal humanitarian principles underlying the Movement’s efforts and the general activities carried out by the different components of the Movement as they work together to help those in need.

Available in English, French and Spanish.

Cluster munitions – Decades of failure, decades of civilian suffering
ICRC, 2007

Cluster munitions have been a persistent problem for decades, killing and maiming tens of thousands of civilians in war-affected countries. These weapons’ unique characteristics present grave dangers for civilians, not only during conflict but also long after the fighting has ended. This brochure highlights that urgent action is needed to prevent the civilian casualties resulting from cluster munitions’ use. It demonstrates how the time has come for decisive action on this issue at international and national levels to eliminate cluster munitions and to provide relief for individual victims and affected communities

Available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. Sfr 2.

Somalia: Surgeons fight for life
ICRC, 2007

In 2007, intense fighting in Mogadishu pitted military forces from the Transitional Federal Government, backed by Ethiopian troops, against fighters from Somalia’s Islamic Courts. Hospitals have been stretched to capacity. Surgeons at Medina and Keysaney hospitals have treated more than 4,000 wounded people — twice as many as in 2006. This film shows the extraordinary work of surgeons fighting to save lives in the midst of war.

DVD available in Arabic, English and French. Sfr 20.

Central African Republic: Stranded in the bush
ICRC, 2007

Violence in the north of the Central African Republic is wrecking the lives of tens of thousands. Villages have been torched, people attacked and killed, children kidnapped. Many have fled, scattering deeper into the equatorial forest and setting up makeshift encampments, where they are dependent on aid. Life has become a nightmare for the people of this region, who now find themselves stranded in the bush.

DVD available in English and French. Sfr 20.

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