An image of humanity

“When I was in the Pacific, I asked a Fijian painter, Ledua Peni Tuicake, to express his understanding of the Red Cross Red Crescent Fundamental Principles. Each week, he came with a painting expressing his subjective and abstract view of what it means to him. Here is the first painting: humanity.

The painter tried to represent what he considers the first moment of humanity in the life of a human being. For him, this happens at birth through the eyes and the love of the mother.

Ledua Peni Tuicake’s paintings are usually very colourful. But this one is not. Humanity, for him, is everywhere, felt by anybody in one way or another. The women represent the multicultural identity of Fiji with one Indian, one Itaukei (native Fijian) and one Chinese. In the centre, the red colour of the cross emphasizes this first principle of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement.”

Nicolas Alexandre Bonvin
From the Movement’s Facebook page dedicated to the Fundamental Principles. For more, click here.

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