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Turning up the volume on a silent disaster
IFRC 2014

Over the past 50 years, dengue fever has spread from nine countries to over 100 countries, while the disease burden has risen from 15,000 cases per year in the 1960s to 390 million today. Despite this, global media attention has been almost non-existent, financial support for dengue-related projects has remained low and episodic. With this report, IFRC is urging for a shift in approach: from responding to isolated outbreaks to investing in long-term, integrated programming including community-level initiatives aimed at sustainable behavioural change.

Available in English and Spanish

Bangladesh: Physical rehabilitation services for people with disabilities
ICRC 2013

Physical rehabilitation helps disabled people regain their mobility, enabling them to live in dignity and play an active role in society. In Bangladesh, the ICRC and the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed run a physical rehabilitation programme that helps vulnerable people with disabilities rebuild their lives. The leaflet describes the services that this programme offers for disabled people and technicians.

Available in Bangla and English

Haiti earthquake:
Four-year progress report
IFRC 2014

Over the last four years, amid overwhelming suffering and destruction, the Haitian people have worked tirelessly to rebuild their homes, communities and lives. This report shows how the IFRC and National Societies have provided basic support such as food, water, shelter and health care, and how many long-term projects, aimed at helping communities meet their own needs, are finally coming to fruition.

Available in English, French and Spanish

Forensic science and humanitarian action
ICRC 2014

This six-page, fold-out brochure describes how ICRC provides advice, support and training for local authorities and forensic practitioners in searching for, recovering, analysing, identifying and managing the remains of large numbers of victims of armed conflict, disasters, migration and other situations. The brochure is released along with two other documents, Forensic identification of human remains and The ante-mortem/post-mortem database. The first outlines the forensic process of identifying human remains, with an emphasis on the scientific matching of data. The second describes how to use the database, developed by ICRC and partners, as an electronic tool to facilitate the identification of remains by supporting the archiving, standardization, reporting, searching and analysis of forensic data.

Available in English


Ambulance and pre-hospital services in risk situations
ICRC 2013

This report sets out ways to make pre-hospital care and ambulance services operating in areas of armed violence safer. Written by the Norwegian Red Cross, with support from the ICRC and the Mexican Red Cross, the report summarizes field experience in more than 20 countries.

Available in English

Economic security
ICRC 2013

The ICRC’s work to promote economic security is intended to ensure that households and communities can cover their unavoidable expenditures and maintain or restore sustainable livelihoods. This leaflet provides a comprehensive overview of the range of ICRC activities in this area, from emergency distributions of food and household items to establishing programmes for sustainable food production and microeconomic initiatives.

Available in Arabic, English and French


Combating TB, HIV and malaria in detention — Uganda’s experience
ICRC 2013

Morbidity and mortality rates for these three infectious diseases are normally much higher in prisons due to overcrowding, unsanitary conditions and inadequate screening and treatment. This film shows how successful three prisons in Uganda have been in significantly reducing the spread of tuberculosis (TB), HIV and malaria among detainees. The pilot health-care projects, run by the Ugandan authorities with the support of the ICRC, resulted in significantly increased cure rates of TB, a drop in the number of malaria cases and lower AIDS mortality rates than in the general population.

Available in English



The power of humanity

This powerful and dynamic 3.5-minute video, released by the IFRC and the ICRC for the statutory meetings in Sydney, blends historic film footage with images from current-day disasters and conflicts to produce a memorable montage set to Charlie Winston’s bluesy and soulful song, I’m going to put my whole world in your hands.

Available on IFRC YouTube channel


Together, we are the Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies
IFRC 2013

This 3.5-minute video, released at the statutory meetings in Sydney, offers a brief and broad look at the services provided globally by the IFRC and its member National Societies.

Available on IFRC YouTube channel

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