Standing Commission News

New Standing Commission
Five members of the Standing Commision were elected by the 28th International Conference.

Dr Mohammed Al Hadid, Jordan
Vice Chairman of the outgoing Standing Commission, Dr Al Hadid is also Chairman of the Jordanian Red Crescent.
He received the highest number of votes, 222, and was elected Chairman of the commission at its first meeting On December 5, 2003.

Dr Al Hadid mentions that among his aspirations are better co-operation and co-ordination by encouraging proper implementation of the Strategy for the Movement, strengthening and clarifying the role of the Council as a forum for in-depth debate on internal policies of importance to the Movement as a whole, encouraging all components to act according to their respective roles and responsibilities in line with their specific mandates. He also sees every endeavour to achieve a comprehensive solution to the emblem question as an urgent priority for the Commission.

He wants to continue to involve and consult with all National Societies to address important internal challenges in order to promote a Movement identity and further raise its profile and credibility. Another priority is to review experiences from the Seville Agreement and address challenges in its implementation.

Ms Janet Davidson, Canada
Ms Davidson is Vice President (Americas) in the International Federation and Honorary Vice President of the Canadian Red Cross Board of Governors (ex-officio).

She received 209 votes and was elected Vice Chairman of the Commission.

As a member of the Standing Commission, Ms Davidson would like to facilitate better coordination and cooperation between the components of the Movement. The Strategy for the Movement is an important road map in that work and all components should according to her take ownership of the Strategy.

She would like to see National Societies take a more active role in the development of the agenda and work program for the International Conference and to see governments become more actively involved on an ongoing basis in the planning for and follow up to the International Conference.

Ms Davidson shares Dr Al Hadid's view that the Standing Commission has to continue its efforts to advance an acceptable solution to the emblem issue thereby achieving full universality within the Movement.

Mr Philippe Cuvillier, France
Member of the Governing Board of the French Red Cross and Chairman of the Committee of the Board for International Relations and Operations of the same, Mr Cuvillier received 173 votes.

Mr Cuvillier brings to the Standing Commission his twofold experience: a diplomatic career, which during forty years led him to serve in all continents, and his responsibilities over the past eight years in the national and international work of the French Red Cross Society.

He sees the Commission, entrusted by article 18 of the Statutes of the Movement with an eminent role. As trustee of the International Conference, it is capable of making the Movement more efficient and dynamic in helping the victims of all kinds of conflicts and disasters – including of the present tragic spread of violence - which entails sufferings and violations of human life and dignity.

Mr Cuvillier would like to promote at all times an improved visibility of the Movement and a more active synergy between its components. In his view, cooperation requires a constant effort and any crisis situation may put it in question. The Standing Commission can according to him serve as the framework for concerted efforts between the components in view of solving any difficulties.

Dr Freddy Karup Pedersen, Denmark
President of the Danish Red Cross and Chairman of the Health and Community Services Commission of the International Federation, Dr Pedersen also received 173 votes.

He finds that the Red Cross and Red Crescent has the potential to be one of the decisive global forces in the humanitarian field provided that the Movement is able to act as one, speak with one voice and ensure that all its individual components are strong.

He brings to the Commission a broad Red Cross/Red Crescent background from both operational and political work, nationally and internationally.

He would like to see an increased understanding and respect for the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement’s special role and mandate globally and nationally and strengthened solidarity among all components of the Movement.
Zoy Katevas de Sclabos, Chile

Mrs Katevas is the President of the Chilean Red Cross and member of the Governing Board of the International Federation of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies. She received 167 votes in the election.
She has 20 years of experience in commissions and meetings at international level.

Besides the tasks inherent to the Standing Commission, which are defined in Article 18 of the Statutes of the Movement, Mrs Katevas would like to see the Governments and the National Societies continue complying with the agreements and resolutions of the International Conferences.

She would like to emphasize compliance with International Humanitarian Law, which every day becomes more vulnerable, and to see full implementation of this law. Furthermore she wants to promote the plans and Strategies of the Movement so as to reach the fulfillment of its mission.

Four Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Jakob Kellenberger
President of the International Committee of the Red Cross

Mr. Juan Manuel Suárez del Toro Rivero
President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Dr. François Bugnion
Director for International Law and Cooperation within the Movement

Mr. Makku Niskala
Secretary General of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies